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MINDSET TRAINING: Break-out Session

  • 1Day


We will meet via Zoom and meet head on whatever obstacles you are facing and train your mindset in the time frame to deal with said issues. Honestly, in order to meet you don't necessarily need to have an "issue" but you could also have intentions on sharpening your mindset or finding resolution through accountability. This time is for YOU! I am not a therapist and I am not trying to be! I am a Life Coach and Mindset Specialist here to help you build systems in place of the weak ones that ultimately led you here. Don't worry, I have your back. You will not leave this meeting wondering what you should be doing! I will give you tangible solutions to put in place in order for you to build self up and self worth, so you can get what you are ultimately striving for. We will dig deep so get ready to get vulnerable and change. We have to man up when we want to change for the better and that is exactly WHY I created Evolution Pro Coaching, to help those step up before it's too late!

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